hm i’ve really slacked off on this website for the past month or so. this is the first weekend i can remember that i’ve actually been home. i’ve been keeping fairly busy lately – my birthday party with mark was friday and that was good – lots of people came and i think people had a good time. i brought my car up to chicago and it’s fantastic. so far i’m not sucking at parallel parking as much as i thought i would, although i did manage to scrape my sideview against the attendant’s booth right after the thingy where you put in your parking ticket at the exit gate of a parking garage. i’ve been cooking something every night due to the sudden ability to get good groceries. despite busy-ness i’m feeling pretty bored/depressed/lethargic. partly early-life crisis i guess – oh no! i’m 25 and i’ve accomplished nothing! etc. hopefully this will wear off soon. in the meantime i’ll squeeze pocket splug and i have to catch up on a whole season of battlestar galactica before friday.