update:photos from the after party and brunch

last night was the premiere of ‘galileo’s grave‘ at the ifp summit. the film was well received and looked beautiful. afterwards some of us went to the ifp after party at the chicago athletic club. i met malik the wordsmith, whose film received the grant that ‘galileo’s grave’ won last year, and who has toured with kanye west, p diddy, carl thomas, etc as a featured artist in various songs. i spent probably the first half hour or hour of the party schmoozing then elizabeth and i got serious about the free bar and i met some of the other rtvf grad students. when the party was winding down, brian, michael and i decided to *ahem* explore. long story short, clayton, elizabeth and the other grad students ended up joining us and we saw some excellent views from the roof, and found the hot tub and pool (although no one had the courage to get in…mike seemed ready to though).

millenium park

today elizabeth and i went down to the ifp brunch (free!). i met elizabeth at her place and she made bloody marys. once at the brunch, we ate a lot of bacon, met some other local filmmakers and then hung out in the chicago athletic club lounge with clayton for a few hours. afterwards elizabeth and i went back to her place and watched ‘the last picture show’ which, oy vey – is one of the more depressing movies i’ve ever seen.

this evening i pan seared some oriental-marinated tofu (which i’m fairly certain is meant to be used in such as a stir fry and not eaten plain, but whatevs) and started processing the 120+ photos from this month. you can find the first batch in my photostream. included are some photos from lindsay and my trip to architectural artifacts and some from elizabeth’s housewarming party.

blood red polaroids and evidence of our vast wealth ghostly

oh! also, friday night was andy’s congratulations-you-were-promoted party at tuman’s. after battlestar (which i watched with cecile and devin over some particularly delicious pizza) i rushed up to lincoln square so katie could make me up like a zombie. katie, andy and i were all zombies, although andy was the only one that tore up his clothes and bloodied himself. he looked really great though! katie and i looked sort of like creepy little girl dolls that had been brought to life. i only got a few photos, but katie took some polaroids that are pretty great, so hopefully she’ll let me repost them on flickr so you don’t have to go through myspace to see them and two are posted on flickr. we did a lot of serious dancing, although we had to wait for the people dressed as giant bananas to leave because they were taking up a lot of space. 🙂