experimental instrument orchestra

last night i volunteered at the 137 films fundraiser. the found films were great and the music was insane. the experimental instrument orchestra was amazing! they make instruments out of objects they find in the trash or abandoned. a lot of people showed up for the event – at one point the gallery was so packed it was difficult to move. it was a lot of fun – i’m excited for the next fundraiser!

art school girl katie photographs delicious
good night, tv! shadow puppets

today katie and i went to the renegade craft fair (holiday edition) and saw art school girl, good night, tv! and delicious. there was a lot of cool stuff but i held myself back and only bought 3 things – two gifts and some little letterpressed gift tags.

after renegade katie and i went to wicker park and shopped a little. andy was working at urban, so we met up with him and had an early dinner at penny’s.

this week: monday hot doug’s, firebelly holiday party + printing workshop on friday, elizabeth’s music holiday party on friday, the nutcracker on saturday and andy’s party after that.