my bad week has turned into a bad month. this morning my car was hit by a woman who wasn’t paying attention to where she was pointing her car. my driver door is crunched and paint all scraped off. scraped the rear panel too, so if i ever want my car to be pretty again it’s sure to cost a lot of money. which i don’t have, because my week was looking up and as part of what i thought was the end to the bad times of the previous two weeks, i bought a nice slightly used powerbook. the car accident is just one more thing to increase my 11-out-of-10 stress level. my grandpa might have probably has cancer. wasn’t beating hodgkins lymphoma 25 years ago good enough? my cat is dead. i can’t hear about a cat or look at a picture of a kitty without starting to cry. and other things that are too personal/marginal to write online. but it all adds up, you know? i better win the lottery next week or have the most awesome 2007 ever to make up for this slow piling-on of unfortunate occurrances. i need hugs.

update: feeling slightly better. but probably only because i haven’t seen my car in a few hours. thank you to everyone who has sent me virtual hugs.