eric: i have my aim logging to an encrypted volume on my new USB drive too

eric: there are all sort of “portable” versions of apps that keep all their settings and profile data on the USB drive entirely

eric: but mainly pc only that i am aware of

eric: not sure how it would work with mac

kara: i’m not real concerned about that sort of thing i guess

eric: yeah, mainly i am just excited about the possibility of having all my aim logs unified

kara: i don’t like to keep logs

kara: incriminating

eric: ah

eric: encrypted though!

kara: why would i need to look at them later?

eric: well i use them for work occasionally

eric: like “what did he say to do?”

eric: or i can say like:

eric: 3/26/07 (11:56:27 AM) Kara: maybe chorizo has displaced al pastor as my favorite mexican meat

eric: incriminating!

man, now i want some chorizo. i wonder what my cousin is making for dinner tonight.