summer is here, and i find myself more in love with chicago than ever. today i walked to tipsycake to get a lamington and the weather was perfect. humboldt park is peaceful today after the fervor of last week’s puerto rico festival: i saw birds and squirrels running in yards, people visiting on porches, cars driving by trailing happy summertime music. the flower store on the corner is in full bloom and i noticed some neat graffiti on the alley side of the building; i’ll have to try to get a photo of it later.

i’ve been so busy with moving, medical stuff and work, that i haven’t really had a chance to say goodbye to the city or my friends. there are things i still haven’t done in chicago: i’ve never been to millenium park, i haven’t done the architecture walking tour, i haven’t gone boating on the lake. in a week i’ll be halfway through my last day of work. in a week i’ll be living on cecile’s couch and i’ll only be a few days from living at home in the quad cities for a month. next week will be the last ‘the hump’ i’ll be able to go to (wed. @ lbc, 7-10) and cecile has planned a dim sum lunch for next sunday. hopefully i’ll be able to go caving once more in july and i’ll get to the ms&i for the csi exhibit. in the meantime, there are a lot of loose ends to tie up and i’m sure there are plenty of things that have completely slipped my mind.