yesterday turned out to be pretty awesome, and all on accident. i made cupcakes friday and there were still a lot left after clayton’s brother and his gf’s visit on saturday/sunday. so, yesterday afternoon i texted meghan that there were some cupcakes over here and she’d better come quick if she wanted any (before pat beat her to the punch and ate, you know, all of them). meghan called, she and josh came over, we played with the dog a bit and then maria offered to cook dinner for everyone. we all went over to the korean market in glendale and saw some pretty great packaging (must take camera next time) and a lot of octopus tentacles. maria made some rice cake soup and bulgogi and there were a lot of korean sides including some shredded squid and a root vegetable with a weird name.

after we’d stuffed ourselves we drove to meghan & josh’s in sherman oaks so they could grab jackets and jeans. we piled into josh’s rav4 and drove to malibu creek state park and watched the perseid meteor shower. we parked just outside the park gates and laid out a blanket on the service road (a powerpuff girls blanket – shockingly not mine). we all squeezed onto the blanket and looked up at the sky for almost an hour. there were a lot of small meteors a few big ones that lasted a long time and even a fireball, which looked like the space shuttle blasting across the sky (but far away) or a really firey firework before it explodes or a giant bottle rocket. it was fantastic.

the day started with maria and i lazing about watching hbo and reading trashy magazines and ended up, without any planning at all, at malibu watching a meteor shower. so far los angeles is great.