the LA county fair was fantastic, but remind me next year to space out the fried foods a little better. in all, i had 7, meghan had 8 and josh had 9:

  1. beer-battered french fries
  2. fried onion rings
  3. fried zucchini
  4. deep fried cookie dough
  5. deep fried coke
  6. deep fried sweet corn on the cob
  7. fried banana & peanut butter sandwich
  8. fried bacon-wrapped jalapeno filled with cheese (i didn’t have this one – i was busy eating my pork chop on a stick)
  9. fried avocado & tomato (i guess this was sort of gross so i didn’t try it either)

other fried foods available included frog legs, snickers, s’mores, oreos, waffles, artichokes and apple fries, which i really wanted to try but by that point i just couldn’t eat any more fried food. john and maria went and i got to meet their friends david and naomi who were awesome too. next up: halloween horror fest at the fairplex. woo!

addendum: on the way to the LA county fair after what seemed like hours of driving:

kara: where are we?

josh: pomona. orange county.

kara: …that can’t be right.

update: photos