i started work yesterday and so far it’s pretty good. i got a nice work computer (dell m4300) with all the newest (windows) programs (vista business, office 2007, cs3) and the people are really nice. everyone’s really laid back and there’s a lot of joking around – reminds me a lot of mythryn during its golden age. i feel pretty comfortable in the ux group and am looking forward to kicking sharepoint’s ass.

what’s not good about this job? well, once i’m done training i’ll mostly work on-site at clients’ offices and from home. BUT while i’m training i have to drive down to costa mesa. in orange county. 55 miles away. a 45 minute – 2 hour drive depending on how craptastic the traffic is at the time. each of the past two days i’ve spent 8 hours at work and about 2.5 hours in the car. not. fun.

i’ve learned something though: it’s a MIRACLE there aren’t more accidents on the freeway. with the way some asshats drive and how narrow lanes are i can’t believe how accident free this city is! i mean – these aren’t open country roads. these are 12-lane interstates where (gridlock-free) cars drive at 70mph in the slow lanes and the lanes themselves are so narrow i can practically stick my hand out the window and touch the giant car-carrying semi next to me.

luckily i avoid the traffic circus tomorrow and thursday when i get to work from home. as a reward for keeping my nerve and not getting into an accident, i think i’ll sleep in till 8 like the good ol’ days before i was gainfully employed.