We started day 4 at Nymphenburg Palace then took our city tour. Munich is a great city – a lot of museums and beautiful architecture. I’d totally live here. After the tour we had free time at Marienplatz. We climbed all 302 tiny steep stairs to the top of Peterskirche and saw the entire city from above. Unfortunately we didn’t see the Glockenspiel at Neuen Rathaus because it was being renovated.

For lunch we went to the big Viktualienmarkt. The stalls were filled with the most delicious-looking fruits and vegetables. Mom and I had some weiƟwurst – a finely minced veal and bacon sausage that is white and served boiled with a pretzel and delicious sweet brown mustard.

In the afternoon we met at Max-Joseph-Platz in front of the giant statue of Max I. Joseph in front of the National Theatre. We made the hour and a half trip to Linderhof Palace. Linderhof was absolutely beautiful. A small version of Versaille, each room was lavishly decorated and the grounds were breathtaking. I liked it better than Versaille. It started raining and time was running short, but I sprinted over to the Moroccan House so I could see what it was all about. Originally built for the Internation Exhibition in Vienna in 1973, King Ludwig II bought it and had it redecorated.

After Linderhof we drove to Oberammergau, home of a world-famous passion play that is done every 10 years. We saw and bought some lovely hand-carved religious pieces (nativity set, ornaments) and tried to enjoy the painted buildings as much as possible in the cold rain.

We drove back to Munich and ate at a restaurant around the corner from our hotel – I had some delicious wiener schnitzel and as was our vacation custom, a glass of white wine.

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