yesterday was FANTASTIC. first i slept in. right there – the day is starting out right. then maria and i saw an early showing of lars and the real girl. it was really good but so so sad. way sadder than i thought it would be. afterwards we went to wendy’s for lunch then picked up some stuff at target, including a bunch of styling products for the wedding (sunday is experiment-with-kara’s-hair day).

in the afternoon i met pat at skylight books for adrian tomine’s q&a and book signing. it was great – he was really well-spoken and had good answers for everyone’s questions. he signed everyone’s books in a different style too. i had him sign my copy of ‘scrapbook’. also great? the free wine and 11% discount for the store’s birthday. which came in handy because of course, i couldn’t leave that place without buying some comics. i got jason’s ‘the living and the dead’, which is about zombies (!!!), and ‘animals of the ocean, in particular the giant squid’, which is just plain awesome.

after skylight i got pat’s amp (for the wedding) then drove to meghan’s for ladies night. meghan made her awesome tiny-meatball-lasagna, we drank wine, played with watson (meghan & josh’s adorable cocker spaniel-golden retriever mix) and watched ‘sex and the city’. super-girly 🙂 we even got to eat with the new wedding place-settings. (have i mentioned that i’m so excited about this wedding??)

then, after meghan’s, i went to pat’s to hang out for the rest of the night…and spider-man was on cable. the first one. with willem dafoe being all awesome and schizophrenic. best. saturday. ever.