ok, my indignance here probably has something to do with lack of sleep and working long hours and spending a lot of time commuting over the past two days, but have you seen this new starbucks commercial? it’s cute with soft music and sort of a rough chalk or pastel animation style. a ski lift stops bringing a skier and what i presume to be a reindeer face to face. they regard each other. then the skiier (extending the kind of holiday spirit that only mega-chains can sell) offers the reindeer some of his coffee.

AND THE REINDEER TAKES IT. WITH HIS HOOVES. as he’s sitting, upright LIKE A HUMAN in a SKI LIFT CHAIR. i mean granted, at least he’s taking it with both hooves and not with one hoof, like he’s got a phantom opposable thumb or something. but come on. can’t the skier just come across the reindeer in the woods or something? pour it into the little thermos cup and hold it out so the reindeer can sip it? that’s totally cute! but i guess that would put too much focus on the fact that this dude is offering a WILD ANIMAL a triple shot macchiato or whatever.


also, now the guy has a thermos without a lid. probably a starbucks-branded thermos that he paid $20 for, and now it has no lid.

AND how did the reindeer get ON the ski lift?? did it – i don’t know – scoop him up as he was gamboling through a three-diamond run? how is it staying upright? what a charade! GOD.