updated 3/2

flowering tree

this weekend lindsay is in town! yesterday we drove down to venice to abbot kinney – ate at jin and walked around the shops. we went to the beach and walked around the boardwalk and meghan took us to this place with amazing mini donuts that they make for you right there. we saw muscle beach and uh…some giant adidas shoes? maybe a commercial was being shot? (photo to come here)

remember who you are

at night, we went to pat’s and met up with him, his friend from newport, her two friends and a bunch of pat’s la friends. we hung out for awhile at pat’s then we took cabs to bar marmont. the bar itself is really cool – very laid back and i had a really good gimlet. then we went to boulevard 3 for dancing and it was AWESOME. there was a guy on stilts who breathed fire, a big raised dance floor, hawaiian bbq in the courtyard and lots of fireplaces. i had some, uh – interesting – conversations with some people…why do i seem to attract the creepy middle-aged guys who are really hot for korean girls? i guess i’m too polite to tell them to fuck off? i mean, he was married and his quite beautiful wife was like, half passed-out about 10 feet away and i was CLEARLY there with pat, so i don’t know what he thought was going to come of his inappropriate drunken rambling.

lindsay, jefferson glen, asa
me, maria, meghan maria, lindsay, me

after pat and i extricated ourselves from that awkwardness, we found everyone else inside dancing and already about 3 drinks ahead of us. the dancing was great and we ended up closing the club and i would write more if i weren’t still exhausted and a bit hung over. the girls from newport were so much fun, and i got to know pat’s friend andrew better too. we went back to pat’s house and hung out some more with asa, jefferson and quinn, until clayton, saint he is, picked our drunk asses up so we could go back to burbank and pass out. it was a crazy awesome time and i can’t wait to do it again!