dire wolf skulls

sunday after i drove meghan home and we’d laid around a bit, lindsay and i were ready to go downtown again. it was hazy and a bit chilly and drizzly, but still probably a treat compared to chicago weather. we went to the page museum at the la brea tar pits, which was still awesome the second time around. i even squashed a penny! plus, we weren’t on a time crunch like last time, so i saw a whole other section of the museum and we walked around the atrium. i took photos this time too.


afterwards we walked across wilshire to the craft and folk art museum. we saw some really cool exhibitions – one was about folklore from around the world, and had marionettes and puppets representing major characters and archetypes. we also saw a katagami (japanese cut paper) solo show by jennifer falck linssen and it was amazing. you can see some of her gorgeous work on her portfolio site, but i recommend seeing it in person at cafam – the show lasts until april 27.

maria made korean for dinner (delicious!) then we drove to sherman oaks for meghan’s birthday party. josh made some really good snacks – asparagus and roasted red pepper bruschetta, summer rolls and meghan’s favorite – yellow cake with chocolate frosting. ruchi brought dates stuffed with goat cheese and josh had plenty of good beers to choose from. we played some wii sports – pat barely beat mo at bowling and there were some insane volleys in tennis. boxing was more fun than i thought it would be, and also exhausting. i was also surprised by how much the spectators got into the matches. there was a lot of shouting, like “the face! jab him in the face!” or “go for the body shot!”

back at home, pat and i watched some awesome square one tv clips and read some REALLY good comics – mark millar’s new kick-ass and i started a new manga, mpd-psycho, which is just as disturbing as the cover made it out to be.

reflections purple flowers

today we had in-n-out for lunch then picked up frozen yogurt and drove to the getty. today was very warm and the sky was so blue and clear – a perfect day for the getty and it was just as beautiful as i remembered it (see photos from my first visit in december 2004) and we got there just before the sun started setting. the light was beautiful and i took a lot more photos.

waterfall right this way

after the getty we drove right to lax and dropped lindsay off – her plane should be taking off in just a few minutes. it was a really fun weekend and i can’t wait for her to visit again!

lindsay, photographer