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great photo found on steve wolfhard’s flickr. i have basically fallen in love with him based on his illustration style and esp how he draws his cat, haircut. worth the trip: look at the ‘haircut’ set on his flickr. fantastic.

update: i hadn’t seen this yet and eric sent it to me (“have you ever seen that picture of the inflatable pokemon with the unfortunate opening?”) and i literally laughed out loud. so loud i’m worried i woke up my roommate. also it has nothing to do with the rest of this post, but i’m too lazy to start a new one just for this.

update 2: according to eric you can find this on google with the search string “pokemon vagina”. sorry dad and uncle denny. i know i’m totally like, embarrassing you. but come on. HILARIOUS.

kara: if the macbook air had a 2200×1600 res screen or whatever my dell has, i’d buy one in an instant, lack of processing power or optical drive be damned

kara: the lack of screen real estate is the one thing that really annoys me about this effing powerbook

kara: that and how i dropped it so now it doesn’t close properly

eric: oop

kara: but surely it marks some kind of personal progress that i still have it and am not planning to buy another laptop and haven’t even attempted to have it fixed

eric: try dropping a shelf on it* or pouring some beer in there to see if that fixes it

kara: HAHA

eric: that’s what i’d do**

kara: yeah, this is a different computer

kara: it’s not titanium

kara: so it’s crappier

* on dillo day, senior year, i closed (ok maybe slammed – it was around noon so i was probably already kinda [pretty] drunk) the door to my room, and one of my wood and glass wall-mounted dvd cabinets fell off (out of?) the wall and landed on my tibook. then it bounced and made a nice triangle-shaped hole in the desk from where the corner hit it. the tibook walked away with a very small dent in the cover that you could see only when the light hit it properly. no screen damage. no performance changes. god i miss that thing.

** when eric was courting me he spilled a bottle of beer over the keyboard of my then-new tibook (which i’d left at work, open, rendering something in after effects) then, after the other guys at the office had heroically emptied it out and dried it (hooray for the compartmentalized removable keyboard), eric decided not to leave a note saying it had happened. you know, ’cause maybe i wouldn’t notice that it had changed position on my desk (with MY ocd? yeah right.) or that it smelled slightly off or there was a nick in the screen where i assume the bottle hit it. ahhh romance. next time i’ll tell you about how eric accidentally burned my hand the first day of our european vacation. wait, i already did. …ok, maybe i haven’t made as much personal progress as i thought.

for the interested, this is very similar to what my dreams are usually like.

cameron (soon-to-be-roommate) discovered this on craigslist and to be honest, it’s kind of tempting.

volcano erupting during lightning storm

that when i got cash i could feel the icy breeze from inside the atm.

worst. movie. ever. which is really disappointing because the trailer looked so awesome. i wanted to like it – i was so excited when it came out. but – ugh. i mean, the action sequences were really cool – but the script was so terrible. bizarrely awkward first to second act transition. tacked on voice over during the first scenes. AWFUL third act. like – i can’t even describe how terrible it was. plus, the thing felt so interminably long and it was…only 88 minutes. and the acting – i had no idea rachel bilson was such a terrible actress. although the script was so crappy, i’d probably just cash it in too. how did this thing get made?? god. at least ‘manos: hands of fate’ was funny.

it was really good. really funny, beautiful to look at – cute animals, great action sequences…go see it!

…for this house cameron and i are looking at tomorrow!

tonight/tomorrow some important stuff is happening so please send me your good vibes, prayers, ecstatically hopeful thoughts, etc. eeeeeee!