came home after long day of shopping (bought awesome dress for arden’s end-of-year party), eating (korean place in the mall, yogurt from boba loca), laying out by the pool and driving (los feliz exit backed up, find a parking spot). after unpacking the day’s spoils i relax with tivo’d ‘burn notice’ and my favorite couscous salad from trader joe’s. then – an error in judgement regarding balance. and…couscous everywhere. EVERYWHERE. a rain of delicious couscous all over me, the floor, the ottoman, the couch. it’s in my hair. it’s stuck to my feet. i freeze in shock then stare at the floor where most of the couscous detritus has settled. it’s a pretty big pile. briefly consider eating a couple mouthfuls; you know, the part that has only touched couscous and hasn’t touched the floor. file idea away under ’embarrassing things for roommate and possible guests to walk in on’ and ‘possibly unsanitary’. clean up couscous with paper towels and omop, hoping that the lime juice will at least condition the hardwood floor, so it isn’t a total loss. weep quietly.