let me preface this entry: believe me when i say i am having a hard time staying calm and not running around the block in exultation. i love nathan fillion. in a completely sexual and borderline creepy way. i freely admit this. i love him. LOVE HIM. ok.

first off, nailing your wife – produced by the gunn brothers, directed by james gunn, shot by NU alum (and director of ‘robert portrait of a legend’) pete alton and starring nathan fillion. BRILLIANT.

Nailing Your Wife | Girls | SPIKE.com

and, a preview of nathan fillion’s new midseason replacement series, ‘castle’. i don’t know how good the show itself will be, but if all there is to carry it is nathan fillion’s charm, it’ll be on the air forever. how cute is he when he says ‘boys will be boys’?? i’m swooning BIG TIME over here.

…did i mention that nathan fillion is my future husband. yeah. he is.