…wasn’t that scary. but it WAS a lot of fun. we (kristina, pat, andrew, morgan, meli, stefan) rode rollercoasters and other rides (ghost rider: best rollercoaster EVER; riptide: not so much fun, since meli lost her phone into the pool below during one of its crazy barrel-rolls), plus went through haunted mazes. stefan’s main complaint, shared by all, is that the mazes were all too brightly lit. i’m used to the haunted houses back in the qca where it’s pitch black the whole time and you actually can get lost. the haunted mazes were more about looking at the creepy tableaux and having people in costume jump out at you. or kick you in the face.

seriously. this one dude in the clown maze (yeah, i don’t know how i got convinced to go in there either) kicked and his foot was about two inches from my face. and i just froze. or kept walking forward, depending on who you ask. in retrospect, i should’ve just let him kick me in the face so i could’ve sued someone. oh well. but as pat pointed out, and i don’t know why he didn’t believe me the other 10 times i’ve told him this, in a survival situation i’m going to be the first one that’s taken out. i have some sort of adrenaline deficiency or something!

we ended up being at the park for over six hours. the park itself was pretty cool – lots of halloween decorations, fog machines and creepy lights everywhere, and hundreds of people in costume waiting to scare people. this one ghoul had a fake dead rat in his mouth and followed pat, then andrew, around for a solid five minutes. just making sniffing noises and wiggling that dangling tail at the backs of their heads and necks. surprisingly, watching people get scared (or really uncomfortable) was probably the most fun of the whole night. well, that and ghost rider.