More bonesawing! We shot this promo for ‘Dr. Bonesaw’ during one day at the Psychic Bunny offices. Asa and Pat plan to finance the movie entirely via death purchases. That is, people (at least 30, no more than 100) will pay them money for an awesome horror movie death. Fantastic idea, right?

The shoot was a LOT of fun – lots of fake blood squirting everywhere, great gross shots…we started the day thinking the shots we were setting up were so gross, but that was before we bonesawed Laurel’s neck or Pat brought out the offal from the butcher shop.

Unfortunately I didn’t get any shots of the awesome practical titles or the hallway dolly shot with the actress, Barbara, since I was directly participating in them (either helping to position letters or pulling focus from the barrel).

After we wrapped and cleaned up (blood was EVERYWHERE. How do murderers hope to cover up ANYTHING??) we had some beers, played some foosball, and then watched the dailies. After that, we went back to Pat and Asa’s for more wrap partying, which lasted until about 5am.