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for the new yorker! see it here. it’s really good – and heartbreaking as usual. i assume it’s a pull-out (mask in the middle).

the new yorker - nov. 2, 2009

via eric

The Cup of Tears film trailer. Dir. Gary Shore from Gary Shore on Vimeo.

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last week i realized that my stimulus incentive was running out for my cobra health insurance and thus my next payment would be almost $400. i applied for some individual plan health insurance sort of as a whim, not believing i’d be approved because of this bullshit problem i had a few years ago that turned out to be nothing, but mention ‘lymph node biopsy’ to an insurance company and they act like you have the plague. but lo and behold – i was approved! huzzah! i related all of this to eric which prompted him to send me this image (artist unknown):

preexisting condition LOL



Maria, Megan, Elaine and I drove up to Big Bear for the Oktoberfest celebration and had a fantastic time! We met some nice guys out in the beer garden and had a good time drinking our mini-kegs, riding the mechanical bull, and dancing to really cheesy music.

confetti cannons at the flaming lips show
treasure island music festival 2009

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