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Well, maybe not quite this megalomaniacal.

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Awkward Superman

by J.L. Westover

Well? Is it a boy?

Ryan Andrews wrote and illustrated this wonderful web comic about an older woman named Sarah, her husband, and the seed she gave birth to. Read ‘Sarah and the Seed’. His other comics are really great too!

sometimes it’s fun to fantasize about a distant world of beings you’ll never understand, like in a campaign of h&h. good thing no one actually ever really dies forever. what a weird game mechanic, so the game just stops at that point? and you don’t get to play anymore? i wonder if they did that to class-balance or something

And, ‘Cthulhu Cheats’:

next time you invite cthulhu over for a little 4e make sure you check out what he’s working with over there

none of his dice remotely meet the standards for what you and i would call closed solids, let alone a good old d20

he rolls in here with stats you’ve never even heard of. since when do you rank atrocity up there with dexterity and wisdom, what class even uses that

what a doucher, he’s barred from my games ever since he imprisoned me on the plateau of leng for telling him he already used his daily

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