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Steve and Kirk picked up Cameron and I then we picked up Li-Wei. We stopped for donuts and atm, then were off to Oak Glen. We met Letia and Matt at the apple orchard, which was SUPER FOGGY and mysterious and wonderful-feeling. We had lunch at the restaurant – pulled pork and tri-tip sandwiches and cider and blackberry lemonade. We picked up some fun candy at the little general store next door, then bought our apple bags. We spent the next few hours wandering around the fog-shrouded fields, finding apples and walking through the corn maze. Every once in in awhile the fog would roll back and reveal the mountains towering over us, then we’d be surrounded again, like something out of ‘Brigadoon’.

We got a lot of apples from different kinds of trees, and once we had all we could carry, we drove down the road to Oak Glen Village. We got huge slices of hot apple pie with ice cream, and I got a giant cinnamon bun and an apple turnover to tide me over until Cameron turns all those apples into pies and crisps.

A completely delightful and idyllic and magical day!

cripes, I can’t even explain it to my dad, and he has basic working knowledge of a computer. well, he can hunt-and-peck an email, and knows how to turn it on and off.

…kind of. *sigh* well, he’s got my mom so he’s ok.

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autumn has arrived in LA – lots of wind, crisp air, darker skies. maybe we brought it back from oak glen? today I bought an apple cinnamon candle. holed up in my room with the new taylor swift album, lit the candle, and boom! I might be in illinois for all I know. …also probably in high school what with the taylor swift, but whatevs 🙂

pastoral scene

Riley’s apple farm at Los Rios Rancho

I’d never seen this before! thanks cameron 🙂

I love turtles, especially turtles that look like they’re having the time of their lives. also I’ve always thought turtles look like adorable old men, and kind of thought my grandpa looked like a turtle, so…yeah. I ♥ turtles.

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Saturday morning, Elaine, Tammy and Jula met up at my place. We packed up Elaine’s car and drove up to Big Bear. We walked around the village and got some old fashioned candy, then had lunch at a great little italian place with a big outdoor seating area. We checked into the hotel and spent awhile sitting in the sun on the patio by the lake, eating Swiss and German chocolate and relaxing. We all took naps then got ready and, after a no-show taxi, went to Oktoberfest.

We ate a lot of the good sauerkraut, drank a mini keg, and had apple strudel. Jula made friends with the band and requested some German songs – the band was loving that she knew all the words – and danced for hours.

Sunday we checked out of the hotel then had a nice picnic brunch by the lake. We loaded the car then went on a nice two-hour hike through the boulder-strewn woods. We saw some great views of the lake and the town. A good relaxing weekend.