The main image at K Company is totally amazing. I suggest we all take their motto to heart.

More Alopaca here…Choco Paco looks a little high.

update: Ok, so I examined that Alopaca page a little more closely, and there is a video towards the bottom, right under the comic.

kara: omg did you watch the video

eric: no where is it?

kara: it’s on the alopaca page at the bottom under the comic

eric: hm it’s not loading

kara: it’s pretty amazing

kara: there is a bee that is following the alopaca

kara: vanilla alopaca is having none of it

kara: but the bee just wants to be friends!

kara: he brings them all flowers and then they cuddle and it is ok

kara: i can’t believe i just typed those sentences

Also, there is a blog. There are so many glorious things happening there that I can’t even begin to elaborate. You’ll have to see for yourself.