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by Raymond Meier

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Slide the bar across the photo to see what these areas of Japan looked like before the earthquake and tidal wave, and what they look like now. Japan Before and After Tsunami

by Ryo Obata

Darkest Hour by Furosuky Pochomki

by Ryo Obata

北区 by Sakumi Shu

by Krisstina

by Ryo Obata

The eating is kinda gross. But the bubble wrap pool float is cool. And the music changes are awesome – PATHOS!

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Via Eric who says:

Meanwhile Japan is like… “Molecular gastronomy? You mean that thing we commoditized, mass-produced and shipped in a box with cartoons on the front? Yeah, I guess it’s pretty cool…”

The roe is brilliant and I want one of those tiny strainers.

The main image at K Company is totally amazing. I suggest we all take their motto to heart.

More Alopaca here…Choco Paco looks a little high.

update: Ok, so I examined that Alopaca page a little more closely, and there is a video towards the bottom, right under the comic.

kara: omg did you watch the video

eric: no where is it?

kara: it’s on the alopaca page at the bottom under the comic

eric: hm it’s not loading

kara: it’s pretty amazing

kara: there is a bee that is following the alopaca

kara: vanilla alopaca is having none of it

kara: but the bee just wants to be friends!

kara: he brings them all flowers and then they cuddle and it is ok

kara: i can’t believe i just typed those sentences

Also, there is a blog. There are so many glorious things happening there that I can’t even begin to elaborate. You’ll have to see for yourself.

Because this guy’s YouTube channel is only Japanese food unboxing. Example:

Cool how you get it out of the package though.

Oh Japan.

Presenting the Pink Seal Charm “Ouch!” Lovely Pink Seal Taser – “The most Kawaii Stun Gun ever!” The ad copy is gold:

Who imagines this lovely seal is a stun gun? It gives an electric shock to a naughty guy trying to touch you.


:: Important notice ::
Don’t use it to a person who has a heart disease.
Don’t put it on the delicate part of body.

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…at this guy’s reaction:

♪♪ mameshiba! ♪♪

Um, I love Mameshiba. But even more, I love the sound the edamame makes when it is squeezed out of its pod. It’s been a long weird night of random videos, everyone.