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Replay it, because after you know where the ejection occurs, you can see the filament breaking away from the surface in the superimposed EUV!

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When I first moved to Colorado, before I settled in Boulder, I braved the heat and spent a few hours at the Denver Botanic Gardens, walking along the winding paths and enjoying the mist from the fountains and waterfalls.

A real ad for a real college. Amazing. Watch out though—gets disturbing.

Cats as Fonts is also great, but too long to post here.

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Takanori Aiba uses food packaging and bonsai trees to create tiny complex cities. Many more here.

Bonsai B

Bonsai B

Ice Cream Packages Tower

Ice Cream Packages Tower

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This is a great short film that involves horrible monsters, but manages to make them scary and gross without ever showing one. Pretty great filmmaking. ‘Cost of Living’ stars Brandon Routh and Bret Harrison, and was directed by BenDavid Grabinski. It’s about…security guards? That’s all I’ll say. I recommend watching it on Vimeo and going full-screen.

And her performance of ‘the Star Spangled Banner’:

A list of all her awards, and a roundup of her hits.

Helicopter pilot Mike Schaeffer was wrapping up a tour when he spotted this incredible weather phenomenon along the coast of Panama City Beach, Fl. on Sunday. As soon as he landed, he alerted Panhandle Helicopter owner JR Hott of the “cloud form waves,” and together they went up for a better view. They moved quickly knowing that it is only in very specific weather conditions that this beautiful effect occurs.

Read and see more at MSNBC’s PhotoBlog.

JR Hott / Panhandle Helicopter

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