i haven’t written anything very personal on here in awhile because nothing has really changed. still no work, i travel when i can (home, sf, comic-con, caving trip in september, hopefully a road trip to new orleans this fall) and spend a lot of time thinking deep thoughts about what i Want To Do With My Life, but i haven’t really gotten far on that front, except that i should probably go back to school if i want to do anything science-y. i’m also getting more interested in photography again, which i’ve found comes in waves. generally i get really interested until i remember i need a dSLR if i want to be serious about it, then i scrap the idea because i really don’t want a dSLR. i’d never carry it with me! too big! too heavy! too many lenses. *sigh* i should probably at least get a higher-resolution point-and-shoot so i can produce larger prints. (ps: mom, maybe don’t get me the bbf camera for my birthday – can i really afford the development/printing/film? i want it, but…you’re right. not practical. i should probably ask for new brakes for my car instead or whatever.)

i was at skylight books the other day with jula and terry, and saw a neat five-year journal. each page is a day of the year, with five little areas to write a few lines about your day – you just mark in the year at the beginning of the little area. seemed like a pretty great idea since the small space is less pressure than a big blank notebook page, and you can see right there everything you’ve done on that day for the past five years. i almost bought it, but it was a nice cloth-bound one and was something crazy like $25 so eff that. but, i figured i could do something like that here, and i’ll just make an entry for each day of the year, and then add on to that entry the next year and bump it up to the top of the page, so each day of the year will be in the same entry and therefore the same sort of nostalgia/mortification/etc could occur. except publicly! (what the hell am i doing oh my god) this will not replace my normal ‘this is what happened today’ entries – if something really notable happens i’ll still write about it at length – it might just be a little compilation of the day’s tweets, who knows. we’ll see how long this experiment lasts, or whether it will even be interesting. mostly, at first, i think it will be kind of depressing/boring/infuriating for you, the reader, since..you know, no job. many entries will probably be like, “watched tv. messed around on the internet. talked to friends on IM. ate.” but bear with me! i have high hopes for this project in the long run.