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the hotel

Inside the central train station in Sofia, Bulgaria — by miuenski


Sydney Opera House, February 2010

is a collaborative design + architecture project featured in japan a few years ago. there are some great photographs through that link, and I have embedded the site’s video here. it’s quite long, but here is the gist from takram’s site:

On a grid of equilateral triangles, we hung a total of 280 glass wind chimes from the ceiling at varying heights to represent the undulation of a wave. When you walk underneath the wind chime, not only does it ring, but its LED also alights like a firefly. The wind chimes nearer to the ceiling ring in higher tones, and those hung lower in lower tones together offering 10 degrees of tonal expression. And it feels as though you are walking inside a large interactive instrument. Additionally, the wind chimes are networked together, so that the sound and light spreads to adjacent wind chimes like ripples in the water. This network system was based on the idea of “behavior” we observe among certain animals in nature that form groups.

last saturday when renee and I were downtown for ‘the lieutenant of inishmore’, I managed to snap a few photos of the concert hall. next goal: actually go to a concert inside this beautiful building!

curves and angles

sunset reflections

view on black

built 1919–1921
Barnsdall Park, Los Angeles

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