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Oh yes.

delightful dinner

LaDuree macarons

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via Angie

I just put this in my face and it was fantastic.


ricotta and sour cherry ice cream on lemon rosemary (with lemon zest) cookies

My dinner:

my dinner

spinach salad w/toasted almonds, blueberries, cranberries and a giant ‘Almond Joy’ cupcake

update: see it unboxed

Via Eric who says:

Meanwhile Japan is like… “Molecular gastronomy? You mean that thing we commoditized, mass-produced and shipped in a box with cartoons on the front? Yeah, I guess it’s pretty cool…”

The roe is brilliant and I want one of those tiny strainers.

by gemma correll

Because this guy’s YouTube channel is only Japanese food unboxing. Example:

Cool how you get it out of the package though.

oatmeal cookie and root beer ice cream @coolhaus

and it only happened yesterday.

I can make a goooood sandwich.

by hannah from honey & jam