when lindsay was in town, i admired her little otsu planner and lamented an unexpected side-effect of having an iphone – i hardly ever write with my hand and a pen anymore. i went online and bought the mini version of the planner, this cute travel diary that i plan to use on my trip to australia/new zealand in january, and a dateless calendar i’ve been wanting for awhile (just themed illustrations of gordon the fox throughout the year).

i was excited to get my new fun stuffs, but got even more excited when i saw the cute packaging – very simple, but it’s the little touches that make unboxing an order more like unwrapping a present.

cute package

brown, textured, cushy packing paper

stack of fun stuff

largest to smallest, paper between to protect cover art, stiff chipboard under the calendar to protect everything else from the wire comb

handwritten packing slip!

handwritten packing slip!