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After probably the worst drive to SF ever, I got to Eric’s new place in Oakland and he had beer and probably the best burger I’ve ever eaten waiting for me. His new place is great, and the neighhborhood is really pretty. We played L.A. Noire and the Incident until 1am.

The next day Eric made awesome breakfast burritos and then his new GH1 was delivered, so we went to Best Buy to get filters, case, tripod, etc. We drove up to Mt. Tam to test it out. Hiked a little around the summit and took photos of the fog rolling in and some patient little lizards. We stopped in Stinson Beach for dinner, then went back to Eric’s for video games and comics.

Got up early and read comics and snacked. Hit Homeroom for mac n cheese (sooooo good!) then checked out the Escapist, a comic store in Berkeley. We picked up an ice cream pie from Fentons then went to Mike and Tiffany’s to meet up with them, Mike’s brother, and Emma and her boyfriend for dinner. Mike and Tiffany’s condo is amazing, and Mike made some fantastic pizzas on the grill. We all ate and drank until we could barely move, then rolled ourselves to the movie theater to see ‘Tree of Life’. Afterwards we went back to Mike and Tiffany’s for ice cream pie and coffee/tea.

Breakfast at Café Trieste, picked up food and supplies at Retronyms, then headed to Golden Gate Part for the Seek ‘n Spell meet-up. Had a great time enjoying the sun (had to go all the way to NorCal to see any) and eating and chatting. I got a sunburn though – I was sure at any moment the fog would roll in and it would be freezing and gloomy so I skipped the sunscreen! Took a nap, ate leftover hamburgers and cookies for dinner, watched the finale of ‘Game of Thrones’ (INSANE), played some ‘Red Dead Redemption’, read more comics. The next day Eric and I had breakfast at Café Trieste again, then I dropped Eric off at the BART and drove back to LA.