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their markings make them look like they’re wearing little overalls!!!!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!

last night i went with elaine to the warner bros. employee screening of ‘terminator salvation’ at the chinese theatre. the movie was pretty good despite having to sit in the third row, but i knew that getting out of the parking garage was going to be a nightmare. my solution? after i parted ways with elaine i made a bee line for beard papa’s at the hollywood & highland center. i carefully balanced my eclair cream puff as i paid for parking and rode the crowded escalators, and ate it while i sat in my car inching forward in the long line snaking up the garage ramps. it was glorious, and every time someone would walk past i’d be caught in the act of taking a big, messy, creamy, oozy, melted-chocolate-everywhere bite and i totally didn’t care. go ahead and stare, citizens! bet you wish YOU’D thought of this before you came all the way down to your car! the time in the line flew by. this will be my modus operandi for crowded parking garage exits from here on out.

and there was much rejoicing.

luke mckinney - star trek movie recognition chart


kind of fantastic.

dresden codak 3rd act twists

hilarious and delightfully illustrated chart of 3rd act twists arranged by genre and device. the sample above is from ‘fantasy’.

…at the garfunkel & oates show at UCB (which. was. fantastic! they’re having another show same time and place next wednesday and you should totally see them live). matthew gray gubler looked pretty much the same as the last time i saw him, but he was wearing his ultra-nerdy/cute glasses. justin long was way shorter than i expected.

also, last tuesday i saw noah wyle at my internship. i looked up and he was standing there and i had to look away so i didn’t stare. he’s super cute in person.

penguin science fiction book covers!

i can’t wait to see it again. might go tomorrow. it was SO GOOD. and funny! and heart-wrenching! amazing. and spock and uhura? so. hot. together.

god i was going to watch the season finale of ‘dollhouse’ but i don’t know if i can handle that much awesomeness in one night.

update: oops, forgot – we also saw nancy walls at the movie. pretty sure it was her.

Science!! Space!! Robots!!

Ellen gave me the heads up about the Jet Propulsion Lab’s annual open house and I was all over it, as you might imagine. It was like a science fair for adults. I had a great time and can’t wait until next year!

Photos are captioned generously. Here is a brief post about the day.

This was supposed to be a celebration for Terry’s return to gainful employment, but her freelance gig was cancelled at the last minute. It was a perfect day for the park – not hot at all and no lines (except for the X2). We had a lot of fun even though Terry briefly passed out on a rollercoaster. She waited a few hours and rode another and was fine though, so hopefully it was nothing to worry about. We had Johnny Rockets for lunch and Cold Stone in the afternoon. Alex and I rode all of the open rollercoasters in the park, and we all rode the pirate ship twice in a row right after lunch, which may or may not have been a good idea.

just finished the 101 cheap eats issue of los angeles magazine and i’m ready to try some new restaurants!

today i went to the JPL open house and got to see the deep space control room, the mars science lab mid-assembly and lots of robots and scale models. pretty great nerd stuff, and the whole thing had a very science fair-y vibe. scientists with tables set up – from photos and diagrams on poster boards to a model of orbiting stars and an actual model of an interferometer outputting data to a big plasma screen. my favorite part was actually the big shop where they manufacture parts for the probes and satellites.

…i also had a really good giant burrito.

carrots! medicinal carrots! personal use medicinal carrots…that were here when i moved in…and i’m holding it for a friend.