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Behold! Snailboy posted up some Star Trek rage faces and HOLY CRAP AMAZING. The Romulan at the bottom is from my all-time favorite episode of ‘Deep Space Nine’, ‘In the Pale Moonlight’. I almost did a spit-take when I saw it. It is such a glorious episode that I might have to bust out the DVDs and watch it again tonight. (Did I mention that I have all of DS9 on DVD? Probably. Well, now you know. How much of a nerd I am. …If you hadn’t already figured it out. …….Whichhhh I’m sure you did.)

ANYWAY! Star Trek rage faces! Brilliant ๐Ÿ™‚

And a Dukat, which one Redditor suggested because his entire character arc could be summarized as, “People who I’ve screwed over – Y U NO LOVE ME?

via Wil Wheaton

fast forward a bit to see it

also, jeez blake lively. boobs much?

The Sun

hard to decide whether luke’s or stormtrooper’s is my favorite.

in honor of today, ‘star trek out on dvd and blu-ray’ day, i present to you this article. - the rules of the game

christian swinehart has a great essay up on his blog called ‘the rules of the game‘ about choose your own adventure books. i LOVED these when i was a kid (and, ok, i still love them – a shout out here to ‘lots of boys’) and would spend hours trying to get to every possible ending. this essay examines the structural differences choose your own adventure books have undergone over the years, as well as the patterns authors used to organize the books’ pages themselves, and it is all illustrated with beautifully designed infographics. - the rules of the game

swinehart also includes animations of the reader paths through the books which i found to be hypnotizing, and in the colophon, a link to chris boraski’s fully-playable/readable html port of ‘zork: the cavern of doom’, on which swinehart has based his dynamic version of ‘zork’. in swinehart’s dynamic version, you can see a visualization of your progress รก lร  his animations, which is very cool and quite elegant. use the links at the top of the main article page to see the animations, galleries, and play the game/read the book.

via eric

via eric of course ๐Ÿ™‚

a challenger appears

nikola tesla, rockstar scientist

this is on flint’s wall in ‘cloudy with a chance of meatballs‘. i totally want it. so bad.

…so bad.

I came, I saw, I sat in Ballroom 20 for basically three days straight. My tweets from the weekend:


  • Seen a lot of cool costumes but the guy in the Naruto costume looked great!
  • The women in sci-fi panel was great (Weaver Dushku Saldana Mitchell) but the ‘Burn Notice’ panel was awesome! Bruce Campbell FTW
  • The ‘Psych’ panel was pretty great too! Dulรฉ Hill did an impromptu tap dance! Now for ‘Dexter’.
  • In line for Dr Horrible. Eating muffin. Casting about for something to do tonight. Suggestions? Anyone know of any parties?
  • orig. twitpic link here – lyrics, callbacks & goggles!
  • Dr Horrible sing-along + Commentary complete. When everyone bounced along with the Bad Horse songs, the whole room shook!
  • Closed the piano bar at the hotel – sipping drinks in the ornate lobby.


  • Not even 8:30. In line for Ballroom 20 (where I’ll probably be all day).
  • orig. twitpic link here – about 1/10 of the line for ballroom 20
  • Saw a couple in AWESOME Resident Evil 4 (I think – get em confused) costumes. Was walking in line though and couldn’t get a photo ๐Ÿ™
  • Also saw a fantasic Jason (with his 6 year old son in tow – kind of disturbing) and Teddy Roosevelt from NATM
  • Just realized Katee Sackhoff will be a member of the ’24’ panel. Suddenly way more excited about the ’24’ panel
  • Surprise panelist for ‘Caprica’/’BSG: The Plan’ – Grace Park! Geez she’s tall. Next up: ‘The Big Bang Theory’
  • Surprise moderator for ‘The Big Bang Theory’ – Mike Mignola! Kunal Nayyar: super hot in real life ๐Ÿ™‚
  • Holy crap Katee Sackhoff is GORGEOUS in person
  • HE’S HERE??! RT @VarietyComicCon dude just chased down the guy who played Wolf on "American Gladiators."
  • Dude in Pikachu costume that consists of hat, tail, body paint and bright yellow Speedo: my hat’s off to you, sir.
  • ‘Bones’ was good – Emily & Hart were fun, sadly no David. Up next: ‘Dollhouse’, Joss Q&A & a premiere screening of ep13 ‘Epitaph One’!
  • This season on ‘Dollhouse’: definitely Alexis Denisof, maybe Summer Glau!
  • TV Guide panel, giant dessert at Extraordinary Desserts, managed to only pay $12 for parking then drinking & playing with puppy at Mark S’s!


  • In line for the ‘Lost’ panel at Hall H. Are you happy Devin??? ๐Ÿ™‚
  • Seated for ‘Lost’, got free poster! Played 20 Questions w/scifi characters in line w/people behind us. The girl was dressed as Sookie! [see it here]
  • The steampunkers waiting in the Masquerade line are FRAKKING AWESOME! makes me want to read some ‘Freakangels’.
  • After a 2+ hour wait, got a fantastic seat in the front section of Ballroom 20. Caught the end of ‘TheSimpsons’ panel and ‘V’ is next.
  • Got to see the whole ‘V’ pilot! Very good – should make for a really interesting series. Next: ‘Fringe’!
  • The cast of ‘Fringe’ is so funny and charming. One of Jasika Nicole’s long lost college friends surprised her and she almost cried.
  • orig. twitpic link here – people already in line to ask questions about ‘True Blood’
  • The cast of ‘True Blood’ is just as hot in person.
  • Comic-Con day 3 is over, now for some liquor & my first real meal of the day. This is how much I love this, people. I’ve forsaken FOOD
  • At Fred’s drinking a giant margarita and i’ve eaten almost nothing today. This will turn out well, I’m sure.


  • Carrying about 20 lbs of books and standing in line for 6 bags of swag.
  • @NathanFillion is even more handsome in person. Crazy, I know. *swoon*
  • The I-5 post-Con traffic has been harshing my @NathanFillion mellow for almost 3 hours now.