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What if you drew everything you ate…for 30 years?? A Tokyo chef did it, and you can see his beautiful drawings (some are pop-ups!) here.

This is Ash Vickers‘ wonderful tribute to Harold Ramis [obituary]. He writes:

So Long, Egon.

To those who are asking, No, I don’t think the Ghostbusters would trap Egon and shove him in with all the other malicious ghosts.  I think Egon would want to know what it’s like to be in the trap in the interests of science.  The caption on this might as well be “No guys…. It’s fine! I’ll be fine.  I’ll see you soon!”

I drew this as a tribute to Harold Ramis, or as I first came to know him, Egon Spengler.  RIP, Harold. You will be missed.

By StarRovias—more on deviantART.


SimCity 4

LA Noire

Most amazing thing ever? Perhaps. Perhaps.

Winter Time with Jon and Ghost

by Daisy Edwards

Best new thing! Great illustrations by paperbeatsscissors. More at BuzzFeed.

worthless without the suit

wearing a visor

just want a heart

unintelligible speech

via BuzzFeed via Renee

via New York Public Library Digital Gallery via Retronaut via io9 via Tiffany

Eric directed me to this post over at Brain Pickings about the 11 best illustrated children’s books of 2011. They’re all pretty cool (check out the Edward Gorey and the Brothers Grimm!) but these illustrations of Hindu deities by Pixar animator Sanjay Patel really caught my eye:

Check out my friend Tiffany’s first book! She did the illustrations and they are completely charming and adorable. Maybe a nice gift for a tot you know? :)

You can preview the whole book here and learn more about the Gnarble here and preorder the book here.

Illustrated by Other-in-Law, here is a beautiful tapestry-style map of Westeros, the fictional land of A Song of Ice and Fire. Included are a lot of easter eggs for those of you who are familiar with the whole series.

click to embiggen

From a new exhibit of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles-inspired art:

by Drew Falchetta – click to embiggen

by Kali Meadows – click to embiggen

via BuzzFeed

Awesome cross-hatched sketches of monsters and other scary things by John Kenn:

Behold! Snailboy posted up some Star Trek rage faces and HOLY CRAP AMAZING. The Romulan at the bottom is from my all-time favorite episode of ‘Deep Space Nine’, ‘In the Pale Moonlight’. I almost did a spit-take when I saw it. It is such a glorious episode that I might have to bust out the DVDs and watch it again tonight. (Did I mention that I have all of DS9 on DVD? Probably. Well, now you know. How much of a nerd I am. …If you hadn’t already figured it out. …….Whichhhh I’m sure you did.)

ANYWAY! Star Trek rage faces! Brilliant :)

And a Dukat, which one Redditor suggested because his entire character arc could be summarized as, “People who I’ve screwed over – Y U NO LOVE ME?

via Wil Wheaton

by Michael Parsons

Alex sent me this on Facebook and I loooove it! By John Martz, it is a poster of almost every Star Trek character in pixel form. Little Locutus! Little Morn! Even little Spot!

Trexels by John Martz

click to embiggen

A Sloth miscalculation.

by Graham Annable

“If a sloth falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?”