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Awesome cross-hatched sketches of monsters and other scary things by John Kenn:

Behold! Snailboy posted up some Star Trek rage faces and HOLY CRAP AMAZING. The Romulan at the bottom is from my all-time favorite episode of ‘Deep Space Nine’, ‘In the Pale Moonlight’. I almost did a spit-take when I saw it. It is such a glorious episode that I might have to bust out the DVDs and watch it again tonight. (Did I mention that I have all of DS9 on DVD? Probably. Well, now you know. How much of a nerd I am. …If you hadn’t already figured it out. …….Whichhhh I’m sure you did.)

ANYWAY! Star Trek rage faces! Brilliant 🙂

And a Dukat, which one Redditor suggested because his entire character arc could be summarized as, “People who I’ve screwed over – Y U NO LOVE ME?

via Wil Wheaton

by Michael Parsons

Alex sent me this on Facebook and I loooove it! By John Martz, it is a poster of almost every Star Trek character in pixel form. Little Locutus! Little Morn! Even little Spot!

Trexels by John Martz

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A Sloth miscalculation.

by Graham Annable

“If a sloth falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?”

Bobby O’Herlihy created this gorgeous poster for a ‘Kill Bill’ screening:

All aboard the Dinosaur Train!

By Chris Ware!

Uncle Boonmee Poster by Chris Ware

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More info about the film

via Eric

by gemma correll

Um. I did not know this about eels.

via Eric