ok i feel much better than i did 2 days ago. i’m feeling a little stressed about the film, but other than that i’m ok. i’m on the 3rd disc of ‘Six Feet Under’ and it is so amazingly good. i watched ‘the importance of being earnest’ last night and it was SO clever. it made me want to speak in a british accent for the rest of the night. plus, before that meghan and i went to dinner at outback and had some excellent steak. mmm…

tomorrow is the academy awards, so i’m bracing myself for my yearly ritual of screaming at the tv for how backwards the academy vote turns out. however, the plan is to have some sort of academy awards drinking game at eric’s place. maybe mike and jon will bring my leftover jello. i have started a few rules. most assuredly, everyone will be drunk by Best Director.

also, here are some of the top quotes from ‘calvin & hobbes,’ beloved cartoon of yesteryear.