i just had this weak epiphany that i don’t need to sign my posts. because i’m pretty sure you all know who is writing these. so no more name stuff! i’m also thinking that my next version of this site will be a pretty straight weblog and not so much personalized – and by that i mean there will be no names or ‘about’ section…but i’ll still talk about my day since that’s all i can think of. also…does anyone besides eric and probably brian and on the outside chance, meghan, actually read this? hmm. whatever. i guess it doesn’t really matter. i know it’s here.

my schedule sucks. it could be worse, but only if i never had meal breaks ever. i’m so exhausted and it’s only wednesday night. and i haven’t even started compositing yet. i hauled my ass all the way up to searle this morning at 9 to target p/n a class but then found out that i can’t and even if i could, searle isn’t the place to do it. i was so pissed. but i did my personal narrative performance in anal/perf today and that was fine. i don’t really remember anything i said, so we’ll see tomorrow at the critique how people thought i did. then tonight was the anal/perf performance hour and it was AMAZING! people are so talented!

ugh. but now i just want to sleep. so tired. didn’t get any reading done today. oh well. my compositing books STILL haven’t come in the mail and they were shipped a week ago!! get with it amazon! ooh! but i did just buy the talking butters/prof. chaos plush from comedy central! his little prof. chaos costume comes on and off over his little blue shirt and he says things like “i don’t know about this fellas” and “my parents are gonna be real mad.” i love butters!!

um…go here…so funny. if only i could be this funny.

also here. hit refresh to see different animations. that little zoloft bubble is so damn cute. navigate through and there are other pics of the cute little oval. also some really disturbing ones.

and you might as well check out eric’s redesigned site while you’re at it. refresh to see different images. including crisps and a kitty and a cool xcu of a mug of beer.

and somebody PLEASE explain this to me. i just don’t see ANY duplicated people. at all. looks great to me. how the hell did this guy get caught?!