if you couldn’t tell, the first couple weeks of class have been really busy. my schedule is going to kick my ass. good news: anal/perf is going well and everyone seemed to really like my personal narrative performance.

today kate, mike, eric, kyle, and i went to see the ‘cowboy bebop’ movie. it was way better than i thought it would be! it was really cool. what wasn’t cool were the heaters that were right in front of us so it was like sitting in a sauna for a couple of hours. a tightly packed sauna. afterwards we went to an irish pub nearby for something cold to drink so we could rehydrate after the heater incident. also we ate ‘potato logs.’

last night we went to glow, a club on clybourn. free drinks between 11 & 12. super.

now i’m just sort tired and lazy feeling. maybe i’ll take a nap. hm. i’ve been having really weird vivid dreams lately.