this morning i got up early and went to the post office to pick up the package that josh sent to me (really, himself) that’s a gift for (shh!) meghan. who i hope isn’t reading this before he gives it to her. that would be really shitty of me. but probably she doesn’t read this very often, and definately not while her boyfriend is in town for one week only.

then i went to class, met with my anal/perf professor about my poetry performance, participated in a comm studies experiment (2 credits down, 4 to go!), went to work, got kyle’s digital camera, met with the commercials dp, updated the production book, caught a ride with andrew (blessed andrew with his automotive genius) to campus for compositing, was totally lost in class because my computer kept freezing and i had to keep rebooting, then stayed in the kdms lab until 11pm working on color keying for friday’s assignment. whew!

so obviously, this has left me with zero time to do any other work. my firewire drive still hasn’t come. it better come tomorrow or i’m screwed. my compositing book still hasn’t come. i’m going to have to call some people and raise a ruckus i think. i’m tired but i can’t bring myself to go to bed. sigh.

however, i did have a great conversation with fran and abby in the kitchen as i was making some rice and fran was eating a popsicle and abby was telling us about leaving pieces of her tongue on a fence after being dared to lick it in the winter.

actually, following up on my last post, i did end up taking a nap. i also slept all afternoon (really – like 11-6) on sunday. because my head and eyes hurt and it hurt to look at anything or listen to anything so i just laid with my eyes sort of half closed and ended up falling asleep. so continues my recent cycle of headaches, which i am now becoming very worried/paranoid about. ack! i hope nothing’s actually wrong with me. ew.

the last adpi formal for meghan, fran and i (and the rest of the seniors) is on saturday. i’m taking pat because he’ll be fun, likes to dance, and i won’t have to take care of him the whole time. except i don’t know what to wear. ugh. like i have ANY time to think about that.