the shoot was AMAZING! it went so well, kate and i actually experienced afterglow. ok, maybe it wasn’t that good, but we finished on schedule and even squeezed in some extra shots. we stayed on the jib the entire day too. we shot with a canon xl1 with a 35mm film adapter. meaning, we used 35mm lenses to shoot miniDV. the footage looks really good too. on wednesday, in preparation for the shoot, the guys had to go get manicures. mike hated it, i think andrew enjoyed it and i have a feeling that jon secretly enjoyed it. actually, jon was the only one that didn’t get gouged when the woman trimmed their cuticles.

after the shoot i went home to work on my compositing assignment which meant that on thursday i stayed up for just under 24 hours. oh boy. but when i got home from the shoot my firewire drive had arrived, and oh is it glorious.

friday after work i came home and slept for 3 hours then kate, mike, eric, and i went to eat at flattop. then we went to mike’s and watched ‘jackass: the movie’ and the ‘south park’ episode, “my future self and me.” ‘jackass’ has to be the funniest thing i’ve ever seen. except for the part where they were intentionally giving each other paper cuts. that part i couldn’t watch.

last night was the last adpi formal for the seniors. i took pat (who wore a tux) and he is the best date ever! we danced so hard that we were exhausted halfway through the dance. it was probably the most fun i’ve ever had a ta formal. mike and pat got along really well. eerily well. like, they were coordinating their dancing and then they talked for half an hour off by themselves.

this weekend grover is in town for a wedding so we all might go out for lunch or something. in the mean time, read this. oh eric. only you would write something like this on easter. 🙂