i managed to piss the whole weekend away, hanging out with my friends. which really isn’t a waste at all, it’s just not as productive as working on compositing or my poetry performance which is TODAY for chrissake. crap. i have to leave work early to go buy some wonder bread at osco. don’t ask. i just want it to be over.

easter was video games and….video games….and talking about video games…

also there was really good food. we ate lunch and dinner together so that was a good time. also trivial pursuit. mike, kate, grover, and i versus eric. we beat him. just barely. this is what it takes to make an even match against this guy.

yesterday eric and mike and i hit giordano’s for the half-off pizza. eric waited for me at searle for like half an hour! what a guy. also he was all stylin’ in his green cords and black turtleneck sweater. yow! 🙂 at dinner: take 2 (take 1 being chapter dinner) we talked about really uplifting things, like how the economy is going to fail and we’re all going to be screwed and nanomachines are going to take over the world and infest our bodies and either kill us all or create heaven on earth. you know, a lighthearted evening.

when i got home from the pizza bonanza i worked on my poetry performance, which is to say i put on the costume and recited the poem a few times and that was it. the way i figure it, i can’t be any worse than some of the people that have already gone. well, ok i COULD, but that’s just too horrible to think about.