my poetry performance was ok. whatever. it’s over. wednesday at work i almost got my eye with a sheath of papers as i was bending over to get something out of my bag. that’s for you, andrew. 🙂

andrew’s birthday party was cool – some interesting drunken brawling and beer pouring.

we went to chili’s after work on thursday and gorged ourselves on yummy food. and also margaritas. then thursday night i completed my text exercise for compositing. friday right after class i went home for an ortho appointment and my mom’s birthday. we went to the texas roadhouse for some of the best ribs ever.

tonight is a new ‘alias’ for the first time in a long time…and i won’t be here to enjoy it. 🙁 but i will be eating at moody’s with eric, mike, kate, and meghan then seeing ‘identity!’ i hope it’s scary!!

please please please look at this. oh sweet jesus.