‘identity’ was, indeed scary, but between mike and my theories, we pretty much had the movie figured out by the halfway mark. tonight we’re going to see ‘x2’ and i am SO EXCITED!!!! everyone says how awesome it is, and i can’t wait to get my geek on. i’m heading over to the theatre at 7 to check out the line situation and maybe have a few drinks at the rhythm room.

my mom came up yesterday and last night we had dinner at the cheesecake factory with my cousin, chris, who lives up here too. we all stuffed ourselves then managed to straggle home and collapse into bed. well, my mom collapsed into bed, and i’m assuming that chris did as well, but i collapsed on the sofa. in related news, my cousin lisa had her baby this week! a little girl named kjirsten.

today i had a doctor’s appointment and then mom and i had lunch and tooled around the suburbs for awhile. she just left about an hour ago for the long drive home. dad is tending the garage sale at home – a twice a year ritual in the neighborhood.

many other interesting things happened this past week, but i must refrain from listing them here, due to my mostly irrational fears of cyberstalking and psychopaths in general who could use any specific info on this page to hunt me down and do away with me sarah connor style.

if you don’t subscribe to this, you should. this guy writes the longest, weirdest, funniest, most complicated sentences EVER.