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hey, the lead singer of wilco has a nervous stomach and throws up all the time just like holly! YOU’RE NOT ALONE!!!

all of the posts from my previous site have been moved over. the only thing that isn’t up are the pop-up windows about the calvin & hobbes quotes and etc. these might….never….be put up. who knows.

today my parents and i spent the day packing, with more packing planned for tomorrow. thankfully i get to miss my parents arguing about the best way to pack glasses while i’m at the (ugh) doctor. why must these things always happen at once? plus, turns out that the moving plans just keep getting more and more convoluted. i did however get someone to take over my eac membership, so that’s good. i also finally activated this credit card so i can now cancel it. that’s ethical, right? i mean i KNOW there’s nothing wrong with it, but i still feel like it’s a little underhanded.

anyway, people move out tomorrow, they paint the apartment tomorrow night and we move in on tuesday. i hope it goes well. i hope my dad doesn’t strain something since he refuses to lift with his legs.

he offered the extra banana gladly – of course she could partake in the fluffy delectability of the tropical fruit. he chewed the banana, savoring its delicate flavor. she began to peel her banana, carefully exposing the even white surface.

he watched in mute horror. she continued to peel the banana, tugging the soft yellow further and further down…

he could bear it no longer. his revulsion overtook him and he spoke carefully, struggling to keep his voice under control:

“um, could you do me a favor and take off the little sticker before you peel any further? it kind of grosses me out.”

re: the boss’s amp-buying trip

andrew: ahh guitar! ahh car! ….must play guitar in car!

miscellany is currently being migrated to – this may take awhile, as I no longer have dsl at my apartment because i’m moving at the end of the month, which falls in the middle of the week, oh lucky me.

wtf?! if i wasn’t paranoid before…..

20 Ways the World Could End

thanks to eric for this terrifying beginning of my day

kate and i like to call ourselves nerds. but really, we’re not. i mean, she’s closer to real nerddom than i since she actually knows a computer language and some other mathematical stuff that i tossed down the memory hole a long time ago. mostly we’re nerdy because we like to oogle computer specs and watch a lot of star trek. eric however, is actually a true nerd and i bow down to his coding glory. he just set up movabletype for me, and truth be told i could have done it by following the instructions…really slowly…but he was all blazing away on puTTY, typing seemingly random letters that magically made other strings of random letters appear. wow. programming is so cool.

…and i’m pretty sure that that sentence just made me even nerdier.

ok, so obviously i’ve been extremely busy in the past month, and specifically the past week. i’m busy onlining ‘the caseys’ and finishing up classes. graduation is in less than 3 weeks and my last final ever is tomorrow. after that i only have two papers left to write. this saturday is the studio22 premiere and after that’s over, my life will get 200% less stressful.

last friday i saw ‘finding nemo’ and it was AMAZING!! it was actually better than ‘monsters, inc.’ i think. it was so funny and touching and suspenseful and action packed…plus, sea turtles! it was beautifully animated and albert brooks and ellen degeneres were perfect as the leads. go see it NOW. NOW, I SAY! NOW!!!