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oh my…

earl: [gesturing towards jon’s handwritten notes] what typeface are these numbers? i like it.

jon: ballpoint – new cutting-edge technology.

ozzie: W___ is on my plate but at the same time it’s been pushed to the side like veggies until C__ is through.

went to the d____ street fish market* specifically to get the only item i ever order from that restaurant: the blackened chicken sandwich. and: they’re OUT OF CHICKEN. wtf. how are you out of chicken? that’s like being out of butter or salt or TUNA. i mean COME ON!!!! so i had pasta instead. it was good, but it sure wasn’t blackened chicken. what now?! i have to call restaurants ahead to see if they carry chicken!?

*name has been omitted to protect the not-so-innocent

this has been the coolest week ever. i’ve been doing html, editing mt templates and css, using TERMINAL (of course i didn’t really get what i was doing with terminal…but still i used it like FIVE times!)…this is the most fun i’ve had at work since…




well, anyway, also note the itty-bitty changes i’ve been making to the website.

jeff: here’s the link to macromedia! download the plugin for godsake!

jim: join the rest of the free world!

today at work all i’ve been doing is html, and it’s been the best day ever!!

perhaps (nerd) i should take a step back and examine (nerd) why this is so much (nerd) fun to me (nerd).

kara: kate?

kate: hold on, i’m kinda in my underwear.

mike: I’M completely naked!

kara: really?

mike: …no.

kara: [shaking fist ala cartoon villain] don’t toy with me!!

re: a client’s last name

kara: i’m sorry, did you say “bacon?”

andrew: yes, “bacon.” as in the breakfast meat.

i forgot – tuesday a ton of terrible things happened

  • electrical storms knock out all of our web service’s customers except for us. until they fix all of those, then we have no outside net access.
  • jon’s computer freezes, erasing his work. a lot of work.
  • in an effort to figure out the internet problem, jeff asks ozzie to disconnect from the network. ozzie does so and as soon as he pulls out the cable he realizes that he hadn’t saved this huge flash file he had been working on for the past 5 hours and loses it all.
  • with posting deadlines approaching, and still no outsite net access save jeff’s slow slow slow dial-up, eric goes home to do some stuff there. on the way out of the office he slips down the back stairs, bruising his arm, leg and back. our landlord, whose name i will leave out, is just asking for a lawsuit with those stupid stairs.
  • eric, feeling crappy after falling down the stairs, wants to take a shower to clean off and try to make a fresh start of the day. his toilet overflows.
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