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i use that adjective a lot.

a LOT.



this movie was SO much better than i thought it would be. it was hilarious and had (awww!) a nice lesson to be learned. i laughed through the whole thing and left wanting to be a better person and delighted that i could never possibly be as bitchy and backstabbing and cruel as the girls in the movie. but i’ll also never have such vast knowledge of cosmetics and hair products and ‘fashion’ so i guess some would see that as a trade-off. these people are delusional. but anyhow, ‘mean girls‘ is terrific.

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casshern‘ is a highly stylized action drama that has some not-so-subtle messages about war, pollution, samaritanism. Beautiful cinematography and decent fx give ‘casshern’ an incredibly distinct look (film grain like tennis balls, blacks to make you rethink other blacks, super-saturated color), and a plot full of betraya, heavy emotions and intrigue drives the film. from what kyle, eric & i could speculate anyway, since it was entirely in japanese with no subtitles.

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don’t read this story if you’re squeamish.

you can buy panties with this and other anti-bush slogans at axis of eve, the internet home of the activist group of the same name. you can read a story about them here.

so fucking AWAKE. got back from japan on thursday morning, before the time when i left japan, and then promptly slept for nearly 24 hours. now it is 6:15 am and i am wide awake because it is only, what, 8:15 pm in japan?

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i think i may have mentioned this film before, but i really want to see casshern. it looks like one of the most beautiful films ever made (not that my stitched together and badly artifacted image really shows that)…and it’s only out in japan.

plus no one seems to know if there are plans for wide release in the us. from the synopses and stills this looks like a film that would do very well in the us, as long as the translation is decent.

i would love to see this while i’m in japan this week, but…i don’t know japanese. and, apparently there are some rather nuanced background sounds, building murals and whatnot that would be hard to get the full meaning of if you don’t know japanese and/or chinese.

the best pranks are the ones that don’t over look the details. fun with foil

tokyo station

they are serious about maps in japan.


if i can figure stuff like this out, i will be fine. and the language. and food that isn’t seafood (or apparently beef, which is in short supply). other than that – yeah, it’s cool.

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