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check out this led flashlight!!!! hooray!

as someone who is pretty paranoid about teeth, this toothbrush purifier seems right up my alley…or maybe i could just like…ok i was going to put in some sort of witty remark there, but i can’t think of anything so…so…shut it.

recycled style switcher swatch for the new favicon. if you still see the old ‘h’ quit your browser and refresh. if you’re using safari and that doesn’t work, it’s because although safari is in many ways awesome (let’s hear it for standards support!), in some ways it sucks.

also, totally unrelated here, i have discovered the joys of os x themes and am thoroughly enjoying one right now entitled ‘bbx mercury x’ which is a lot of ‘x’s, but they’re so in right now!

also, apparently some people DO read this, it isn’t just for like, my own amusement. so…here’s to hoping my mom doesn’t read it and get freaked out by all of the profanity, although – i mean, let’s be honest here – i’ve been known to drop an f-bomb around her from time to time.

saturday i took the metra to aurora to meet up with my mom, hit the outlet mall, and see my dad. on friday/saturday he and bunch of guys were on their way home, driving down from a fishing trip in alaska. these guys get together every year for this big trip and this year my dad got to go. unfortunately it was the worst weather these guys had seen in 20 years and they only got in a few hours of good fishing during the whole week. it actually hailed one day, was never above 50 degress and was dark and rainy and windy the whole time. but, it was a surprise that i was coming down to meet him so dad was really happy to see me. i don’t think i’d seen him since april!

saturday night eric and i had some late-night mexican food from garcia’s which was good, but then on sunday i had a rough bout of indigestion – although i felt more awful than i have in months, gi-tract-wise, so it might’ve been some mild food poisoning. ugh. i spent the day trying to find a comfortable position to lie in and eric read me a story and made me soup and all of those other nauseatingly adorable things that couples do for each other when one is ill. AWWW!

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get the ball through the rising barrier-thingy. trust me, it’s more fun that it sounds.

i can’t figure out what to do, so in the interest on the new design and fresh starts and what have you, i’m going to discard the style switching for now and just go with the new design. you can still see the cool magic menus at index2. she was a good design, may she live on in infamy. [sniffle]

all pages under construction, so check back often.

still don’t know what to do about those special sections. for now…it just sort of gets overlaid and totally sucks. busy packing now and moving next week so i’ll worry about this later. oh yeah, and my photos too. that’ll get dealt with…eventually. maybe. ha!

so this past weekend was…interesting.

friday jon, kate, eric and i went to ravinia to see the ben folds and rufus wainwright concert. good times were had – there was hard lemonade and guiness and wine, plus chinese food and chee-tos.

saturday was the Last Cookout at Andrew’s place – he, trevor and dave a parting ways (at least for now)…i guess their landlord is sort of an ick-day. there were bratwurst and i had some mudslide that kate brought.

afterwards eric and i met up with ben, sara and ben’s friend (from galesburg) matt at the diversey rock ‘n bowl. fran had just driven up from florida and found an apartment that very morning so she came out too, sort of to celebrate. and also, we hadn’t seen each other for a year!…except. that halfway through the second game…fran’s purse was stolen. from where it was all of 2 feet away (at most) from where she and i were sitting.

and then came the suckiness.

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what am i going to do with all of this extra stuff (right hand side of red & yellow design) in the new design??? it doesn’t fit ANYWHERE!!

the style switcher works works sometimes, but because i’m still fiddling with the new design, you won’t might not be able to switch back to the red & gold design from the new one. sorry.