this weekend i’m going back to the qca for my birthday with the family. mom has a bunch of good food she’s planning on making (special 7-bean baked beans, chicken enchiladas) plus we’re going to a japanese steakhouse for the big dinner. i think that same day i am going to have lunch at my favorite chinese place so i’ll probably be all asian-ed out (ha!). unfortunately i forgot a bunch of the stuff that i was meaning to take home for my mom and my ipod.

because of the big drive this evening eric drove this morning – we got stuck behind this street sweeping truck…have you ever been stuck behind a street sweeping truck? it sucks. not only is the bugger moving at about 10 mph, but since it was going backwards in ‘street’ mode rather than ‘street cleaning’ mode or whatever, its brushes were brushing everything all over the place in the wrong direction. dust and leaves everywhere. gross. also i saw some guy at a bus stop take off his shirt. he was sort of fat and hairy and gross. i’m not talking about cute endearing fat, like awww! cuddly chubby dude! like teddy bear! cause i know some guys like that. i’m talking the polar opposite of that. [shudder] also, to complete the grossness of the morning, some sort of bizarre smell was coming through the windows of eric & jon’s apartment – as eric put it, it smelled like a catfood factory exploded…all over their building. catfood is a bad enough smell for the 30 seconds between opening the can (wet catfood, the most dreaded of the two) and plopping it in a bowl on the floor. imagine it sort of permeating EVERYTHING. maybe jon is keeping a cat in his room, like a secret pet? which reminds me, it never fails that when i plan a trip home all of the coolest things are happening in chicago. ‘resident evil: apocalypse’ opens, there is a big german festival and parade in lincoln square, bobby conn show, guy from vice magazine speaking at quimby’s, etc.