miracle fish

yesterday i was puttering away, actually doing some real work at work (what a novel concept!). i was working on a brochure layout and periodically banging on my desk in woe because one of the graphic elements – a giant sundial – just refused to fit in anywhere that satisfied me. anyway, so i was puttering away, excited about naming layers and swatches and arranging them into nested color-coded folders and whatnot when my cell rang. it was…MEGHAN!

her show is in town to shoot a segment in romeoville (i hope i’m not giving away some sort of network secret by saying that). after much searching of the internet, we decided to meet up at la sorella di francesca, the naperville location of the mia francesca family of restaurants. inexplicably, meghan and i both showed up in black tshirts (both of us settling on it after briefly considering a shirt that looked like what the other ended up wearing) and josh and eric both wore blue and white striped button-downs (and both remarked that they also owned a shirt very much like the one the other was wearing).

we had this funky waiter who was a little…on crack…got a bottle of wine and some calamari and great pasta. francesca knows what she is doing. meghan and josh related some insane stories from the road (diamonds, a dog and gelato? you’ll have to check out meghan’s site and see if she puts that story up) and meghan gave me a birthday present – a handmade notebook with a sea turtle painted on it!! why are sea turtles so lovable? meghan and josh actually got to swim with sea turtles when they were in maui last month!

anyway, i don’t know what’s going on with me lately, but even though i eat the same amount of food, i feel really awful and bloated and sort of sick afterwards. this has been happening since last week. after a few hours i feel fine though so it must be…? maybe it’s a blessing in disguise; i probably eat too much anyway.

tonight i think i’ll take it easy and maybe play some prince of persia and consider whether i really need a gross of miracle fish. i had never heard of them till i read about them in molly’s blog. but who needs a gross of anything? isn’t that like, a dozen dozen? what would i do with 144 cellophane fish?!

update: i thought that meghan & josh’s show was ‘amazing vacation homes’, because that has a show in maui. but i went back to meghan’s site and i guess the show is called ‘vacation home search‘. sorry.