star wars: a new hope

last night there was a sort of impromptu star wars drinking game/viewing at ben’s. it turned out to mostly involve eating and drinking beer and not much game, but this is only because the rules for the game were far too numerous to hold our attention for very long. we did, however, rewind at least 5 times to see that storm trooper conk his head on a blast door. lucas seems to have added in a nice loud sound effect to go with it. also..greedo shoots…concurrently?? whatever. i got some goldschlager, i was happy.

high points of evening:

  • eric reveals that he hasn’t watched star wars since he was 9
  • sara asks if that guy on screen (obi-wan) is yoda
  • jon obliges me and holds my head at arm’s length while i try to hit him (i couldn’t reach, but i kicked him instead)
  • pumpkin pie
  • movie is rewound to check if princess leia is wearing a bra or not

despite the title of this entry, i don’t feel too strongly about any of the changes lucas made with the re-releases except the ewok song (or lack thereof) and the noticable lack of original-release version dvds. is he ashamed or something? i don’t get it.

le weekend (not to be confused with the french film of the same name)

saturday night was jim’s thesis screening, so after buying some supplies and an easel and the big art store sale, eric and i revisited the old campus. after the screening (which was quite lovely) stef, sara(h), jill, kolter, eric and i hit cuneen’s for pitchers. stef and sara(h) left after a few hours but the rest of us managed to close the bar. it was pretty awesome. everyone all yelling at the top of their lungs, kolter all getting another pitcher after we were all done because he wasn’t going to just sit there with no drink. it was pretty awesome.

the rest of the weekend i sort of sat around and tried not to think of having to go back to work once the weekend was over. oh, also i bought jon stewart’s new book, america (the book). it’s laid out like a text book with study questions and class activities at the end of every chapter. if you don’t know about my love affair with jon stewart then clearly you don’t know me. oh sure, it’s one-sided, but…