eric got katamari damacy! tonight…i play!

what is this game you might ask? this is a very popular game from (where else?) japan. you play the son of the king of the cosmos and dad has lost all the stars. how did he lose them? too much sake. anyway, you have this little ball that you roll around and stuff sticks to it (bigger stuff can stick as the ball acquires more mass). you gather as much stuff as possible so the king can make new stars. or something like that. anyway, it sounds sort of weird and facile, but it’s supposed to be awesome. there is a 2 player game too where you compete to see who can pick up the most stuff. i can’t wait to try it!

update: katamari damacy is awesome and incredibly fun (and harder than i thought), but rather unfortunately makes me nauseated. all of that weaving around and spinning and junk gives me a serious headache (which is why i can’t play halo or anything like that…well, that and the fact that i suck at fps). plus, the analog sticks on the playstation controller are set just a little too far from the handgrips for my wee hands and i sort of got a hand cramp from reaching over there.